About ProRose

ProRose is a leading supplier in the promotional product industry, offering unique and useful items that are imprinted with corporate logos or promotional messages. Our product line consists of a variety of drinkware items: acrylic tumblers, disposable cups, novel drinking glasses, shakers, pitchers and themed shots glasses and tasting cups as well as a full line of glassware. ProRose also offers a wide variety of napkin holders, trays, galvanized buckets, drink pails, cutting boards, bottle openers, dog tags, cork coasters, healthcare products, penlights, table talkers, grocery lane dividers and our popular take-a-penny trays. All of the ProRose products create a great impression with your logo boldly printed on them, and give your image added value.

ProRose is proud of our service and commitment to excellence. Towards that end we have been selected year after year as both an ASI 5-star supplier and a SAGE A+ supplier.

Thank you for visiting with us! If you are interested in purchasing any of our products, please contact a promotional product distributor near you, and mention that you want to order from ProRose (asi #79933). We can recommend a distributor for you if you fill out the form on our “locate a distributor” tab on our home page, or simply search for “promotional product distributors” in your area.